Water Sanitation System (WSS120X)

Biolux Water Sanitation System (WSS120X) uses BES Group’s patented electrolysis technology to instantly transform tap water into ozone water with sanitation and deodorization effects.

WSS120X is very simple to use and suitable for installation in home kitchens, also bathrooms. WSS120X can be used for food preservation, degradation of pesticide residues, deodorization of seafood, environmental disinfection, and hand sanitation. It can also effectively eliminate the odor of drain pipes. The system is designed for easy integration into the existing water supply to offer on-demand and instant sanitation from your tap water.



Model No : EOS7211-QS
Concentration : >1.0 ppm Max.*
Water Quality : Clean Tap Water*
Connection : 1/2″
Pressure : 7 kg/cm² (100psi) Max.
Flow Rate : 60 – 350 LPH
Water Temperature : 1 – 40°C (34-104°F)*
Power : AC100-240V, 50/60Hz / 30W
Material : Titanium platinum electrode module, PVDF, ABS,high-strength nylon plastic
Dimensions : Φ73 x W118 x H131mm
Weight (Net) : 473g*


VDO Reference

Focus Points

Pesticide residues reducuction

General surface sanitation

Keep mold away

Unwanted odor remova

Hand washing & sanitation

Biofilm prevention

Approval & Certifications

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Will ozone water cause oral irritation?

According to the dentist’s sharing: It is milder than the mouthwash used by general periodontal patients. We also have an SGS cytotoxicity test, and the results will not cause human skin irritation.

What happens if ozonated water touches the skin and mouth?

BioSure Professional ozonated water is been approved by the third party lab SGS that it won’t cause any irrtation of human skin and mouth.

What are the benefits of ozone water?

There are many bacteria in the mouth, such as anaerobic bacteria, and ozonated water is effective at sanitation, also reduces oral odor.

How long is the replacement cycle for consumables?

The ozone generator can be used for 400 hours, and the battery can be charged for 500 cycles.