Post-Filtration Disinfection System

Using electrolytic ozone, PFDS mini offers an instant, effective, and residual free sanitation treatment. The dissolved one water helps disinfect all parts of themachine it comes into contact with

This compact device offers instant, residual-free sanitation, and can be easily integrated with existing waterlines and small water systems based on your needs. It features both automatic and manual options. Given the wide application ofelectrolytic technology, It will significantly improve the quality of your products.



Model No : EOS7176
Concentration : up to 2.0 ppm (depending on the conductivity of water)
Connection : 1/4″ Quick-Connect Push Fittings
Max. Capacity : 45 ml
Max. Pressure : 4 kg/cm2 (60 psi
Water Temperature : 2 – 38°C (35 – 100°F)
Power Supply / Rated Powerr : 24VDC, 0.5A / 3W
Protection Class : IP52
Dimensions; Weight (Net) : H105.8 mm, Ø 50mm


Focus Points

Water dispensers

Beverage equipment

Slushie machines

Bar glass washing machine

Sparkling water makers



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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Will ozone water cause oral irritation?

According to the dentist’s sharing: It is milder than the mouthwash used by general periodontal patients. We also have an SGS cytotoxicity test, and the results will not cause human skin irritation.

What happens if ozonated water touches the skin and mouth?

BioSure Professional ozonated water is been approved by the third party lab SGS that it won’t cause any irrtation of human skin and mouth.

What are the benefits of ozone water?

There are many bacteria in the mouth, such as anaerobic bacteria, and ozonated water is effective at sanitation, also reduces oral odor.

How long is the replacement cycle for consumables?

The ozone generator can be used for 400 hours, and the battery can be charged for 500 cycles.