Revolutionary Foot Spa

The Biolux Revolutionary Foot Spa applies the advanced patented eletrolytic technology from BES Group. To generate hydrogen-rich and ozonated water from tap water directly. No harmful by-products (NOx)* are produced during the process.
Several medical studies have confirmed that “hydrogen-rich water” can reduce harmful free radicals to help delay aging, inhibiting the generation of various diseases, improve chronic conditions, and promote health. “ozonated water” has a germicidal function, which can be used to reduce harmful pathogens and odors on the surface of the feet and prevent skin infections. After the sanitation, ozonated water will revert to oxygen and water immediately, without any chemical residues,
and will not cause skin irritation. The Biolux Revolutionary Foot Spa is suitable for 5-10L foot soaking bath basin. The overall operation is quite simple, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and easy to use at home or during travel, to make you relax.

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Micro-bubbles are mixed with water efficiently to produce hydrogen-rich water and ozonated water, with low aeration, it’s safe and comfortable.

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