Portable hydrogen pot

Unit dispenser: 4 Temperature levels


The Biolux EOS7150 Series (EOS7150-H & EOS7150-HG) Hydrogen Water Pot has been developed to produce hydrogen enriched drinking water. The product produces pure hydrogen (and oxygen as a by-product) by the electrolysis of water using a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell. Only pure or deionized water (Reverse Osmosis Water) is the only liquid that will come into contact with the cell. As this is consumed it must be refilled from time to time as required. To ensure the product meets our high expectations with regards to reliability and performance, we have tested this model extensively at our manufacturing plant to ensure reliability and longevity of the unit. Other features include: The of EOS7150-HG model provides a source of high purity hydrogen gas for inhalation.

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