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Ozone Water for Disinfecting. Handy sterilization and disinfection helper to safeguard the health of the whole family. More than 2.5 ppm. of Ozone Water at sterilization speeds of 3,000 times that of chlorine-based disinfectant. Safe Natural No chemical residue

Ozoned water. Food Safety Protection. Ozonated Water Sterilization, pesticide degradation. Medical grade antibacterial performance lakes care of all health and contamination issues, used in major healthcare facilities.


Hydrogen water for drinking. Battles against the effects of oxidation and replenishes water in our bodies. Convenient and safe way to stay healthy and beautiful. 200ml of Hydrogen Water is equivalent to 100 fresh lemons in terms of its reduction potential.

Instantaneous generation or Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen Gas and Ozone Water.  Say goodbye to annoying.

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  1. US DuPont proton exchange technology.
  2. First-of-its-kind automatic pipeline disinfection in the world.
  3. Patented safest iEOG.
  4. Precise Intellectual detection.
  5. Instantaneous water supply without having Available 24/7.


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