aqueous Ozone Food Purifier

The Biolux Ozone Food Purifier (OFP) applies patented electrolytic ozone generator technology from BES Group. Just place the OPF in a full water container, to turn ordinary turn tap water into natural sanitizer. Compared with traditional corona discharge method, Biolux OFP provides safer dissolved ozonated water. The OFP generates ozonated water directly from water it does not produce by-products (NOx)* that are harmful to people. Ozonated water will kill the pathogens immediately and revert to oxygen and water. It’s safe to use, neutral pH, and non-corrosive. OFP can be used to maintain kitchen hygiene, food   preservation, meat & seafood deodorization, and general surface sanitation, and also effectively degrade pesticide residues on the surfaces of fruits and vegetables. Ozone not only provides a safer and easier sanitation option but also controls dietary hygiene and easily protects the health of the whole family.

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Sanitize Your Food with
Electrolytic Ozone.

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