How can Ozonated Water Keep Your Ice-Maker Sanitized?

Ozonated water is automatic and works with any ice maker. It’s easy to obtain now with the availability of commercial ozone generators (link to product). The Ice Machine Disinfection System by BioSure uses patented electrolytic technology to generate ozone-dissolved water with adjustable ozone levels. In other applications it can also be integrated with the existing water supply, transforming pure water into high-concentration antibacterial disinfection water. 

The system utilizes BioSure patented technology to produce ozone, the strongest food grade disinfectant approved by the FDA. When integrated with an ice machine under clean and extra clean settings, the ice harvest is disinfected and free of microorganisms. This way allows the ice produced to be ready for consumption and use in high-quality products, as well as for the storage of food products to maintain high levels of hygiene and prolong freshness.

Ozone – More Than Just Safe

There are several benefits for ice manufacturers and food and beverage businesses such as restaurants, catering services, central kitchens, and hotels to utilize Ozone Ice Machine Disinfection Systems from BioSure to secure edible ice sanitation. 

  1. Cost-saving
    Ozone ice reduces costs associated with cleaning crews that use chemical solutions to keep commercial ice machines sanitized.
  1. Less risk
    Even after thorough training, people sometimes still make mistakes in the mixing of chemicals and cleaning processes. Also cleaning crews could potentially damage ice machines from regularly cleaning them by hand. Ozone eliminates these risks in one fell swoop.
  1. More environmentally friendly
    Ozone will revert back to oxygen and produce no harmful substances after the reaction. It leaves no chemical residues, and it has no taste or smell after the reaction. It also has no effect on the pH balance of water. And rest assured, it causes no negative effect or irritation to our mouth, nose, or skin. The producing process creates no known carcinogen, allowing it to be discharged directly without causing environmental pollution.
  1. Reliability
    When considering the alternative, ozone is invaluable to businesses that serve cold beverages, whether it’s cafes, restaurants, or bars. These establishments have a responsibility to keep their customers safe. With ozone, both business owners and customers have peace of mind when enjoying a cold drink on a hot summer day.

Aside from ice machines, ozone is used in a number of applications and industries, including medical, dental, and food sanitation industries among others. In the electrolytic ozone manufacturer field, BioSure Professional has been providing professional solutions applying advanced ozone technologies in food safety and hygiene, water treatment, healthcare, and other industries. BioSure’s products are committed to providing safe and effective food safety and hygiene solutions to minimize food safety risks. To learn more details of the ice machine system, please visit our official website: (link)

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