Ozone Solution Simplifies Food Preparation Safety for Major Five Star Hotel Chains


Major five-star hotel chains need to service thousands of customers coming from all over the world. Not only must they provide comfortable rooms, but they also need to offer consistent tasty and hygienic food from their restaurants. To ensure food safety and to meet stringent hygiene standards, the hotel’s central kitchen use chemicals to disinfect. But this was becoming problematic.

A manual disinfection process means the possibility of human error during adjustments and mixing of chemical solutions, plus the need for extra rinsing with clean water, while still often leaving chemical residues. Their process used significant manpower and material resources, with no guarantees of food safety.


To maintain food safety standards, the hotel chain introduced the complete BioSure professional kitchen integration program into their disinfection process, meeting requirements of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) while replacing and reducing reliance on chemical disinfectants. The program includes several BioSure OWS-1 and BioSure CSS units used in the food disinfection process.

The OWS-1 central ozone sanitation system provides a high concentration of ozone water to quickly and effectively disinfect a large area. It was integrated with an automatic vegetable washing machine to clean ingredients. The OWS-1 system in this case was used for eight sets of faucets and has a wide range of applications to meet the needs of a variety of workstations, including hand sanitation, utensil sanitation, food preparation, and rinsing. The OWS-1 is ready to use, automatically generates a safe and effective concentration of ozone water at a high flow rate without the need to worry about the risk of human error in manually disinfecting food materials without compromise in speed.

How it Works

Once the CSS multi-function ozone water sanitation machine is installed next to the sink, it can sanitize and remove odors, prevent cross-infection, and helps avoid cross contamination of odors from other food materials. The ozone water that it generates leaves no residue and does not harm the human body while keeping customers and employees safe from unwanted pathogens like harmful bacteria and viruses.

Ozonated water from BioSure Professional is a pH-neutral solution that doesn’t change food texture or flavor. When used to sanitize food processing equipment, it doesn’t cause unnecessary corrosion either. It leaves no chemical residue and is ready to serve customers. According to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards, ozonated water can be applied as the primary sanitation solution in the five main food preparation areas: fruits, vegetables, meats, shelled seafood, and unshelled seafood. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of ozonated water directly for food contact since 2001.

BioSure professional has also received approval from UK’s leading food lab Campden BRI, which has proven that ozone performance is as good as chemical sanitation methods, but without the residuals. Food safety managers have noted additional advantages such as:

1. Extended shelf life of food

2. Buffet kitchens no longer deal with foul odors as ozonated water keeps the drain system fresh and clean. 

3. Staff prefer to use ozonated water for food washing and sanitation directly from the tap.

“There were no issues integrating the system, meaning we can do our work faster and more efficiently.” mentioned a kitchen manager. “It gives customers peace of mind during their stay, and that brings us a great sense of pride.” 


Deployment of the BioSure series of special kitchen equipment not only meets HACCP standards but also reduces the use of chemical sanitizer, thus, also reducing the cost of manpower while minimizing the risk of unsafe and improper use of chemicals. Furthermore, the OWS-1 and CSS can be easily integrated into the working procedures after installation is completed. The BioSure system also saves time in training and educating employees on the technicalities of manually mixing chemical cleaning agents.

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