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Aqueous Ozone Hygienic Air System (HAS)

Turns pure water into an effective and safe sanitizer.

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Aqueous Ozone O₃ral Rinse Tumbler

With the press of a button, the oral rinse tumbler instantly converts tap water into natural ozonated water. 

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Aqueous Ozone Food Purifier

Just place the OPF in a full water container, to turn ordinary turn tap water into natural sanitizer.

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Technology built to work, performance made to last

Our goal is to improve the environment that we live in by utilizing the benefits of our superior electrolytic technology.

Established in 1988, Biotek Environmental Science Ltd (BES Group) has been developing electrolytic technology to produce highly concentrated dissolved ozone and high purity hydrogen for both household and professional applications.

As our company group has expanded our branch to Thailand. We, as we represented ourselves as BES Group Thailand, aim to provide customers with cutting-edge technology that comes with innovative solution to create a better living conditions with sustainable lifestyle.

Our Brands

Our products are categorized into two categories and brands. Powered by BES® as an original design manufacturer, BioSure Professional® for commercial applications, and Biolux® for home. 

BES Group Head Quarter


We manufacture ozone disinfection and hydrogen systems for a cleaner, safer environment and better living. 

Food Safety & Sanitation




Professional Laundry

Professional Cleaning

Professional Ozone Applications

Home Hydrogen Wellness

Home Disinfection & Sanitation


Patented  Electrolytic Ozone and Electrolytic Hydrogen Generation Technology

The most advanced membrane electrode ozone and electrode hydrogen generation technology, our electrolytic ozone generator (EOG) is capable of producing high purity ozone with a concentration of up to 28wt% from water and is independent to air quality and humidity.

Our electrolytic hydrogen generator (EHG) is capable of producing high purity hydrogen at 99.999% purity directly from water efficiently without harmful by-products, contaminants, and pollutants. 

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Our Mission for Aqueous ozone 


Our mission is for aqueous ozone to become the standard of all disinfection protocols in dentistry. Using advanced electrolytic technology it is fast, safe, and very cost effective.

Case Studies & amp; Articles

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Ozone in Nursing Homes Can Save Lives

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Ozone Solution Simplifies Food Preparation Safety for Major Five Star Hotel Chains

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